Current Minutes

DISCLAIMER: Attached files are approved copies of the Lincoln County Commission minutes. The County Clerk is the custodian of the County Commission minutes and the signed minutes are on file in the Lincoln County Clerk’s office. The official minutes are available for viewing during normal business hours. Copies are available for a fee.

Crystal Hall
Clerk to County Commission

01.03.2017 Mtg Min.173.7 KiB277
01.09.2017 Mtg Min106.5 KiB263
01.10.2017 Mtg Min.104.5 KiB267
01.17.2017 Mtg Min.178.2 KiB127
01.23.2017 Mtg Min.105.8 KiB121
01.24.2017 Mtg Min.178.3 KiB130
01.30.2017 Mtg Min.179.9 KiB129
01.31.2017 Mtg Min.226.9 KiB129
02.13.2017 Mtg Min.106.2 KiB88
02.14.2017 Mtg Min.105.3 KiB92
02.21.2017 Mtg Min.110.9 KiB86
02.27.2017 Mtg Min.177.1 KiB70
02.28.2017 Mtg Min.231.7 KiB62
03.07.2017 Mtg Min.106.0 KiB70
03.13.2017 Mtg Min.174.6 KiB64
03.14.2017 Mtg Min.104.2 KiB64
03.20.2017 Mtg Min.108.7 KiB67
03.21.2017 Mtg Min.183.1 KiB68
03.27.2017 Mtg Min.105.3 KiB65
03.28.2017 Mtg Min.231.8 KiB70
04.03.2017 Mtg Min.104.1 KiB71
04.04.2017 Mtg Min.178.6 KiB62
04.10.2017 Mtg Min.181.9 KiB65
04.11.2017 Mtg Min.103.5 KiB67
04.17.2017 Mtg Min.105.3 KiB63
04.18.2017 Mtg Min.183.1 KiB68
04.24.2017 Mtg Min.106.8 KiB65
04.25.2017 Mtg Min.227.8 KiB70
05.01.2017 Mtg Min.173.4 KiB66
05.02.2017 Mtg Min.104.5 KiB70
05.09.2017 Mtg Min.103.3 KiB71
05.15.2017 Mtg Min.178.4 KiB70
05.16.2017 Mtg Min.185.6 KiB70
05.22.2017 Mtg Min.45.3 KiB63
05.23.2017 Mtg Min.43.4 KiB62
05.30.2017 Mtg Min.43.1 KiB60
06.05.2017 Mtg Min.45.3 KiB61
06.06.2017 Mtg Min.45.7 KiB61
06.12.2017 Mtg Min.44.9 KiB64
06.13.2017 Mtg Min.45.4 KiB67
06.19.2017 Mtg Min.106.0 KiB51
06.20.2017 Mtg Min.110.5 KiB59
06.26.2017 Mtg Min.179.4 KiB65
06.27.2017 Mtg Min.230.6 KiB65
07.03.2017 Mtg Min.46.0 KiB3
07.10.2017 Mtg Min.43.2 KiB3
07.11.2017 Mtg Min.43.2 KiB3
07.17.2017 Mtg Min.45.5 KiB3
07.18.2017 Mtg Min.47.8 KiB4
07.24.2017 Mtg Min.43.7 KiB4
07.25.2017 Mtg Min.43.2 KiB4
07.31.2017 Mtg Min.45.4 KiB4
08.01.2017 Mtg Min.43.4 KiB4