Current Minutes

DISCLAIMER: Attached files are approved copies of the Lincoln County Commission minutes. The County Clerk is the custodian of the County Commission minutes and the signed minutes are on file in the Lincoln County Clerk’s office. The official minutes are available for viewing during normal business hours. Copies are available for a fee.

Crystal Hall
Clerk to County Commission

06.26.2018 Mtg Min31 KiB23
06.25.2018 Mtg Min32 KiB17
01.30.2018 Mtg Min.33 KiB152
01.12.2018 Mtg Min.34 KiB201
06.13.2018 Mtg Min38 KiB35
01.23.2018 Mtg Min.38 KiB173
04.23.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB87
03.27.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB98
03.06.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB134
04.30.2018 Mtg Min39 KiB80
04.16.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB80
05.14.2018 Mtg Min39 KiB62
03.12.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB149
06.18.2018 Mtg Min39 KiB22
06.04.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB36
03.19.2018 Mtg Min.39 KiB108
06.19.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB22
04.10.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB95
05.01.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB75
02.27.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB132
03.05.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB128
02.12.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB152
05.07.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB69
06.11.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB28
04.02.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB111
06.12.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB33
01.02.2018 Mtg Min40 KiB206
01.22.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB176
05.15.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB65
03.13.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB131
04.03.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB106
01.08.2018 Mtg Min.40 KiB195
05.21.2018 Mtg Min41 KiB51
04.17.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB79
03.26.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB94
02.20.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB140
04.09.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB97
05.29.2018 Mtg Min41 KiB49
01.29.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB153
02.13.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB160
01.16.2018 Mtg Min.41 KiB181
02.26.2018 Mtg Min.42 KiB132
05.22.2018 Mtg Min43 KiB56
03.20.2018 Mtg Min.43 KiB121
04.24.2018 Mtg Min.45 KiB93