Absentee Voting

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Absentee Voting
Absentee Ballot Application79 KiB222

2018 Lincoln County Election Calendar70 KiB489
Acceptable Forms of ID408 KiB1103
Precinct Polling Place Addresses15 KiB2602

Election Information
0 August 7, 2018 Primary Election Notice of Offices37 KiB125
00 August 7, 2018 Primary Election Candidate Qualifications226 KiB114
10 April 3, 2018 Municipal Election Candidates & Issues233 KiB164
2016 - 2018 Republican Central Committee99 KiB1098
2016-2018 Democratic Central Committee 20 KiB605
2016-2018 Libertarian Central Committee List19 KiB469

For assistance with your ballot style for this election, please call the voter registration office (636) 462-8090

Sample Ballots
01 Troy City 1 Sample Ballot629 KiB19
02 Troy City 2 Sample Ballot629 KiB17
03 Troy City 3 Sample Ballot629 KiB16
04-1 Troy Rural Sample Ballot629 KiB18
04-2 Troy Rural Sample Ballot629 KiB16
05-1 Birkhead Sample Ballot629 KiB13
05-2 Birkhead Sample Ballot630 KiB14
05-3 Birkhead Sample Ballot629 KiB14
06-1 Foley Sample Ballot630 KiB16
06-2 Foley Sample Ballot630 KiB17
06-3 Foley Sample Ballot629 KiB15
06-4 Foley Sample Ballot630 KiB13
06-5 Foley Sample Ballot630 KiB16
06-6 Foley Sample Ballot631 KiB14
06-7 Foley Sample Ballot630 KiB14
07-1 Moscow Mills City Sample Ballot630 KiB15
07-2 Moscow MIlls City Sample Ballot630 KiB16
08-1 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballot629 KiB15
08-2 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballot630 KiB15
08-3 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballot631 KiB16
09-1 Zoar Sample Ballot629 KiB15
09-2 Zoar Sample Ballot629 KiB19
09-3 Zoar Sample Ballot631 KiB15
10-1 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB14
10-2 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB13
10-3 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB14
10-4 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB14
10-5 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB14
10-6 Hawk Point Sample Ballot629 KiB14
11-1 Elsberry Sample Ballot631 KiB15
11-2 Elsberry Sample Ballot630 KiB16
11-3 Elsberry Sample Ballot631 KiB15
11-4 Elsberry Sample Ballot630 KiB14
12-1 New Hope Sample Ballot629 KiB16
12-2 New Hope Sample Ballot630 KiB14
12-3 New Hope Sample Ballot630 KiB14
12-4 New Hope Sample Ballot630 KiB14
12-5 New Hope Sample Ballot630 KiB14
12-6 New Hope Sample Ballot630 KiB15
13-1 Millwood Sample Ballot629 KiB13
13-2 Millwood Sample Ballot629 KiB13
13-3 Millwood Sample Ballot630 KiB14
13-4 Millwood Sample Ballot629 KiB14
13-5 MIllwood Sample Ballot629 KiB14
13-6 Millwood Sample Ballot629 KiB15
14-1 Old Monroe Sample Ballot630 KiB15
14-2 Old Monroe Sample Ballot630 KiB16
14-3 Old Monroe Sample Ballot630 KiB15
14-4 Old Monroe Sample Ballot629 KiB18
14-5 Old Monroe Sample Ballot629 KiB14
14-6 Old Monroe Sample Ballot629 KiB15
15-1 Winfield Sample Ballot630 KiB17
15-2 Winfield Sample Ballot630 KiB14
15-3 Winfield Sample Ballot630 KiB14
15-4 Winfield Sample Ballot629 KiB14
15-5 Winfield Sample Ballot630 KiB14
16-1 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB16
16-2 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB15
16-3 Brussels Sample Ballot630 KiB18
16-4 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB16
16-5 Brussels Sample Ballot630 KiB16
16-6 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB16
16-7 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB17
16-8 Brussels Sample Ballot629 KiB16
17-1 Briscoe Sample Ballot629 KiB14
17-2 Briscoe Sample Ballot630 KiB13
17-3 Briscoe Sample Ballot629 KiB14
17-4 Briscoe Sample Ballot629 KiB14
18-1 Silex Sample Ballot630 KiB16
18-2 Silex Sample Ballot629 KiB14
18-3 Silex Sample Ballot629 KiB14
19-1 Whiteside Sample Ballot631 KiB14
19-2 Whiteside Sample Ballot629 KiB13
19-3 Whiteside Sample Ballot629 KiB13
19-4 Whiteside Sample Ballot630 KiB13
19-5 Whiteside Sample Ballot630 KiB15