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Absentee Voting

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Absentee Voting
Absentee Ballot Application241 KiB2130

2019 Election Calendar121 KiB24
2019 Voter Registration Office Schedule96 KiB18
Acceptable Forms of Identification1.1 MiB1699
Precinct Polling Place Addresses15 KiB4611
Precinct Polling Places with Electioneering Agreements123 KiB439

Election Information
2018-2020 Democrat Central Committee 22 KiB1420
2018-2020 Libertarian Central Committee20 KiB898
2018-2020 Republican Central Committee40 KiB2308
Notice Of Filing Ambulance District12 KiB19
Notice Of Filing Elsberry Fire Protection District12 KiB18
Notice Of Filing Elsberry Special Road District10 KiB18
Notice Of Filing Lincoln County Medical Center10 KiB19
Notice Of Filing VIllage Of Chain Of Rocks10 KiB19
Notice Of Filing Village Of Truxton10 KiB19
Notice Of Filing Village Of Whiteside10 KiB20

Sample Ballots

For assistance with your ballot style for this election, please call the voter registration office (636) 462-8090

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Sample Ballots
01 Troy City 1 Sample Ballot713 KiB826
02 Troy City 2 Sample Ballot712 KiB471
03 Troy City 3 Sample Ballot712 KiB404
04 Troy Rural Sample Ballot712 KiB995
05-1 Birkhead Sample Ballot712 KiB323
05-2 Birkhead Sample Ballot712 KiB234
06 Foley Sample Ballot712 KiB317
07 Moscow Mills City Sample Ballot712 KiB278
08-1 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballot712 KiB417
08-2 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballot712 KiB268
09 Zoar Sample Ballot712 KiB185
10 Hawk Point Sample Ballot712 KiB333
11-1 Elsberry Sample Ballot712 KiB456
11-2 Elsberry Sample Ballot712 KiB193
12-1 New Hope Sample Ballot712 KiB187
12-2 New Hope Sample Ballot712 KiB151
13 Millwood Sample Ballot712 KiB250
14 Old Monroe Sample Ballot712 KiB340
15-1 Winfield Sample Ballot712 KiB339
15-2 Winfield Sample Ballot712 KiB309
16 Brussels Sample Ballot712 KiB277
17 Briscoe Sample Ballot712 KiB198
18 Silex Sample Ballot712 KiB209
19-1 Whiteside Sample Ballot712 KiB163
19-2 Whiteside Sample Ballot712 KiB140
20 Intrastate New Resident Sample Ballot709 KiB130
21-1 Federal Sample Ballot709 KiB204
21-2 Federal Sample Ballot709 KiB117
21-3 Federal Sample Ballot709 KiB130


00 Election Summary10 KiB254
01 Troy City 19 KiB163
02 Troy City 29 KiB68
03 Troy City 39 KiB68
04 Troy Rural9 KiB62
05 Birkhead9 KiB72
06 Foley9 KiB70
07 Moscow Mills City9 KiB71
08 Moscow Mills Rural9 KiB64
09 Zoar8 KiB68
10 Hawk Point9 KiB74
11 Elsberry9 KiB89
12 New Hope9 KiB65
13 Millwood8 KiB61
14 Old Monroe9 KiB60
15 Winfield9 KiB66
16 Brussels8 KiB65
17 Briscoe9 KiB67
18 Silex8 KiB69
19 Whiteside9 KiB66
20 Intrastate New Resident4 KiB61
21 Federal5 KiB61