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Absentee Voting

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Absentee Voting
Absentee Ballot Application79 KiB779

Precinct Polling Place Addresses15 KiB3348
2018 Lincoln County Election Calendar70 KiB1784
Precinct Polling Places with Electioneering Agreements94 KiB175
2018 Voter Registration Office Schedule104 KiB221
Acceptable Forms of ID408 KiB1311

Election Information
2016-2018 Libertarian Central Committee19 KiB669
2016-2018 Democratic Central Committee 20 KiB945
2016 - 2018 Republican Central Committee99 KiB1607
August 7, 2018 Primary Election Certification Of Issues297 KiB147
August 7, 2018 Primary Election Candidate Certification434 KiB263

Sample Ballots

For assistance with your ballot style for this election, please call the voter registration office (636) 462-8090

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Sample Ballots
17 Briscoe Sample Ballots690 KiB38
16 Brussels Sample Ballots690 KiB53
04 Troy Rural Sample Ballots691 KiB114
02 Troy City 2 Sample Ballots691 KiB65
15 Winfield Sample Ballots711 KiB64
05 Birkhead Sample Ballots711 KiB88
19 Whiteside Sample Ballots711 KiB37
07 Moscow Mills City Sample Ballots712 KiB42
03 Troy City 3 Sample Ballots712 KiB77
01 Troy City 1 Sample Ballots714 KiB136
14 Old Monroe Sample Ballots749 KiB54
13 Millwood Sample Ballots749 KiB57
18 Silex Sample Ballots750 KiB42
06 Foley Sample Ballots750 KiB55
08 Moscow Mills Rural Sample Ballots772 KiB73
11 Elsberry Sample Ballots781 KiB57
12 New Hope Sample Ballots797 KiB45
10 Hawk Point Sample Ballots797 KiB58
09 Zoar Sample Ballots870 KiB41